Watch: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Boxing Match Simulation

trump vs biden

Ah yes, 2020 US Elections are just around the corner.

In a little over one week’s time, November 3rd, America will know who its next President will be.

In a race between current President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden many have likened the battle to a boxing match outside the ring (of sorts).

Both have been fighting hard in a bid to win key States and inevitably people in boxing, boxers and those connected with the sport in the US will all be casting their votes in the days ahead.

Some interesting Trump vs Biden boxing graphics and videos have been doing the rounds in the run in.

Not least this one:

(Hat tip American AF YouTube)

Oh dear.

Well, not long and we’ll know who the winner is.

It’s all to play for as they say.

I for one just hope whoever wins gets the situation in the States for sports with live crowds back under control.

With a live crowd coming up for the first time in a long time in US boxing very soon one would hope it will set a positive precedence moving forward.

Time will tell.

As for Trump vs Biden, let’s get to ready to rumble.


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