The Bold Deontay Wilder New Trainer Move

The Bold Deontay Wilder New Trainer Move

The Deontay Wilder new trainer move in terms of his new training arrangements and parting company with his long term cornerman Mark Breland has been a topic of debate recently in boxing.

The former WBC heavyweight champion has been very quiet on social media this year.

The news that he will retain former co-trainer turned now head trainer Jay Deas went a bit under the radar recently.

What about it though?

Personally, I always thought Breland had Wilder’s best interests at heart stopping the fight in the Tyson Fury rematch.

You can understand the warrior that is Wilder however wanting to go out on his shield.

However, I honestly believe it was the right move and Breland was thinking about Wilder’s future career.

And future health.

Taking unnecessary punishment any further in that Fury rematch could have done him serious harm and ended his career completely.

It doesn’t seem that the trilogy fight is happening anytime soon either so it will be interesting to see what Wilder has been working on behind the scenes.

As I understand it highly respected Breland was brought in way back to help with the Wilder jab.

Something we have not seen much of in recent times.

This punch technically should be something he tries to perfect as well as adding the left hand to his fight artillery.

Fury showed that even the biggest puncher in history can’t just rely on the big right hand at championship level.

Certainly not when you’re stepping in there with an operator like Fury even an Anthony Joshua.

If Wilder were able to add the left hook to his game as more of a weapon it could make him immeasurably more effective.

Time will tell if this new training arrangement and parting company with Breland prevails.


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