Mike Tyson Comes Clean About Trump Ahead Of 2020 Elections

tyson comes clean about trump

Tyson Comes Clean About Trump In Passionate Outburst

Mike Tyson is currently gearing up for his big showdown with Roy Jones next month.

Both he and Jones appear to be taking things deadly serious in fairness.

Before then the boxing world like the rest of the world will soon be gripped by the upcoming 2020 US elections between Trump vs Biden.

A battle outside of the ring that appears to be as ferocious as any within it at present.

Big names in boxing are all having their say.

President Donald Trump for those long enough to remember was once involved in boxing.

Indeed, one of boxing’s most famed fighting sons and distinguished champions in Tyson remembers him well.

Ahead of the 2020 US elections Tyson was asked his opinion about Trump.

As always, he called it as he saw it.

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Doing so as well as shedding new light on Trump from his own behind the scenes perspective of knowing him.

Tyson Comes Clean About Trump

Speaking on his now world revered podcast ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’ he had the following to say:

“I know him (Donald Trump) differently. This is going to be an interesting conversation. Listen, this is the same man that some of our leaders say he is this guy or that guy but these are some of the same people who I witnessed with my own eyes that came to his conventions and they were all comped (given a ticket free of charge to an event).”

Tyson went on to further break things down.

He continued to say:

“I don’t want to mention no names but people who are saying he’s this (or that) are really good friends with him and know him at the level where they can diss him and talk s*** to him and stuff, and they are friends like that — but now they’ve got a chair to do it while he’s on a big world stage.”


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Tyson continued:

“They don’t really mean it. They like him but they can say that to him from what they used to be like (with him). They are just mad they are not in the circle. They can’t be his friend again. They want to be in his circle now but they are not in his circle no more. They are not able to go up to him anytime or call him or shake his hand no more. He’s inaccessible to them so that makes them feel a little bit less important to their ego.”

Speaking on Trump’s character Tyson elaborated further:

“Donald Trump was a regular guy. He was very friendly. He was sociable. He knew everybody. He knew guys that had money and egos and stuff, who had more money than him — and he’s President — and they are hating on him now. These are his friends. They are all in the same circle. They all hung out together.”

He further remarked:

“This is just their jealousy showing.”

Concluding on Trump he said:

“They are jealous. Let’s put it out there. They are jealous.”

Interesting stuff there from Mike Tyson.

Particularly from someone who had interactions and knew him from way back.

Also from someone who understands that type of world more than most.

As for Tyson, he’s got his own battle on his hands for the time being.

In the form of Roy Jones Jr. next month.

The fight is scheduled to take place on November 28th at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Further details on how to watch will be forthcoming in due course.


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