Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson continue their fight preparations and media tour ahead of next month’s exhibition bout.

Despite the two men well out of their primes the bout has captured the public’s imagination out of primal intrigue if nothing else.

Two names well known in the sport and legends of the game, it has been big news in a quiet year for the sweet science.

The bout will be at heavyweight and Roy Jones has been speaking on what he anticipates to weigh in around for it.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast Jones said:

“Right now I’m heavier then I was then (against John Ruiz). Now I walk around at 220 lbs. some times. I’ve been up to 220 lbs. I’m at about 210 lbs. right no. Hands fast as ever. Still a lot of mobility. Not a lot of weight on these knees. So I feel pretty good at 210 lbs. — so I think I am going to stay around this area (for this fight).”

Commenting on when he last fought at heavyweight when he became one of only two men in history to win the middleweight title and heavyweight title, Jones pointed to the fact Tyson is an explosive athlete and the fight will be more of a shoot out with size not playing as much of a factor:

“Size doesn’t really matter with Mike. It mattered with (John) Ruiz because I knew I was going to have to push a little bit and hold. But with Mike it don’t really matter.”

The bout takes place on November 28th in Carson, California.


Mike Tyson Sparring For Roy Jones Jr

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