Tyson Fury Reacts To Povetkin Knocking Out Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury Reacts To Povetkin Knocking Out Dillian Whyte

Boxing (like life and the world) is undoubtedly a crazy game.

Particularly heavyweight boxing.

The division is almost like a sport in itself in just how hard its combatants hit.

A fight can be flowing one way in the favor of someone but just one punch can end it all.

That primal intrigue will always attract the masses.

In a final eliminator for the world title the UK’s Dillian Whyte and Russia’s Alexander Povetkin exhibited the above sentiment once again.

In the form of this perfectly timed uppercut by Povetkin:

What a punch.

Perfectly timed and one that would have knocked out the vast majority of people in fairness.

That’s heavyweight boxing for you.

Povetkin now moves on to a shot at the winner of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3.

The former giving his reaction to the above as follows:

Incredible stuff really.

In many ways an outcome that personifies the beauty of boxing.

In that, sometimes the playbook gets torn to shreds and surprises occur.

As for Fury he still waits to hear when he will take on Wilder next.

One suspects by the end of this year.

Ah yes, boxing well and truly back on its way now as a sport.

Thank God for it.

Recovering from a brief stint in hospital with a kidney infection at the moment and this weekend’s boxing has certainly helped.

Thank God for the clean air and real people of Bulgaria. Adios to that garbage dump Budapest.

No doubt the fresh air and real place I am in now with mountains detoxing all the cigarettes and terrible quality air of a toxic city center.

What a nothing place. I’ve traveled the world and friends in all continents to be fair but possibly the only place I’d leave off returning to.

Perhaps I should have listened to advice from people in different countries quietly behind the scenes telling me don’t bother with a s***** city like that.

Many of the people young and old are a little f****** up in fairness and unemployable and unable to start businesses but don’t paint them all with the one brush. You meet some decent people from there too it should be said.

Okay for a few days or a week but nothing impressive. Interestingly, after quietly studying things this year some American citizens and American passport holders in particular are running away from things and hiding out there.

That goes for other Americans in other countries in Europe at the moment too it should be said.

You can run but you can’t hide. We watching you. Be good.

America and the world will be fine in the end. Don’t worry about that.

Left off and gave a pass to one or two disingenuous, sly snakes from that Budapest place in the end but they’ll never know how lucky they were and how close they came.

Met one or two cool, great people there too mind you.

As for the sport of boxing, ah yes. Back to work now thankfully. About bloody time.

That concluded the travel blog nature of some articles this year in what was a crazy year.

A tough time for the sport this year with little boxing to talk about. Got through it all and survived it all. Beat the world again only thanks to God.

We go again. Stick with your own at the end of the day.

Always ignore the insignificant distractions of no consequence or substance. Great weekend of boxing all round in fairness.

More to come mid week too.

All in all Fight Camp above, a cool concept.

One would think there will only be more events of this nature in the future.

In this new world we now live in where boxing will have to adapt, like it always does, the facility will surely show big fights in the UK again.

Great weekend of boxing with a sense that the sport is back on its feet now.

Very good.


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