Boxing Set To End 2020 Very Strong After A Truly Ugly Year

Boxing Set To End 2020 Very Strong After An Ugly Year

Excuse the delay on getting back on this particular website of mine folks, great action in boxing at the weekend all round.

I was travelling across Europe — spent a day driving through Romania — beautiful country I have to say in terms of the natural forest areas and clean air.

Finally got to beautiful Bulgaria and finally around some fresh air and mountains — no snow as I hoped but the fresh air is all I need. Perfect.

No more living in cities from here on out too many toxic fumes and too many headaches, not enough quality oxygen and fresh air in them.

Respectfully and just keeping it real — if people want me in cities anymore they can pay me to go to them moving forward no way I’m going into cities anymore unless it is work related.

Still catching up on the boxing. What a weekend of boxing just gone folks. Very good in fairness.

The sport really is now starting to fight back and innovate better than ever as the week’s go by.

Good stuff with these cards — both Fight Camp and the studio shows.

Huge, huge congrats to St.Louis’ Jessica McCaskill on winning the world title from previously undefeated Cecilia Brækhus of Norway.

Both also showed optimal attitude after and held the sport of boxing in good account.

I honestly believe the women boxers at the top level in the pro game should be getting paid a bit more now.

Look, I know, business is business, but the best girl fighters should get paid more now if the media and various other people are to take it more seriously.

Money talks bull walks as they say. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

To the powers that be, I know it is a tough time economically for the sport and the world but whatever is in the pot — a higher % of the revenue should be given to the very good standard women boxers now.

Just do it. Good business is always fair business to both parties in any deal at the end of the day.

Also, huge respect to Irishman Eric Donovan in his valiant effort in the UK against Zelfa Barrett.

No doubt the Kildare man will come again.

As for Belfast’s Michael Conlan and Carl Frampton — brilliant stuff by both gents.

Hopefully a big year next year for both.

Its been a tough year for boxing, no doubt — but never worry — as expected the sport is coming back more and more as the weeks go past.

A rough year to see the back of admittedly.

On a final travel note now that boxing is back to talk about again — all good — conquered myself and somehow survived everything, no more going off the rails — have successfully stopped at just 2 Guinness or equivalent on five separate evenings out in a row now in the last month.

I have forgiven some toxic people but that doesn’t mean I’ll have anything more to do with them in this life, God help them if they come across me or any of my people mind you.

As for alcohol, I remember the old uncle used to say anything more than two alcoholic drinks is abusing alcohol. He was right. Balance to everything is key. I have that now and will be deadly moving forward.

All is good — only thanks to God, even as a man of science myself, whom believes science and God actually work together, not the opposite — that’s the only explanation I can come up with for getting through a torrid few years in truth — God healed my heart slowly but surely.

No more hurting myself in many, many ways or self sabotaging anymore. Adios, was too mentally strong in the end to listen to some disingenuous bluffers.

Now just gotta get me a good woman and I’ll be complete, God is good as they say 🙂

Oh ya, now that I’m good and better, just one other thing, now to conquer the enemy a bit more too and learn a bit more about the subtle snakes and a** kissers out there being too over friendly.

We watching you all worldwide now — those folks the opposite of genuine — those subtle snakes out there — we’ll be keeping an old eye on you 😉

Don’t worry God’s army shall not be defeated at the end 😉

Right, back to boxing for the rest of the year as finally we have a bit to talk about now the sport is back.

Some amazing stuff to look forward this weekend in London with Ireland’s Katie Taylor and topping the bill the UK’s Dillian Whyte vs Russian Alexander Povetkin.

I know most people are backing Taylor and Dillian but honestly I sense both are in very, very hard fights this weekend.

This is good news for boxing fans of course who should see some great action at Matchroom’s Fight Camp this weekend, something that seems to have been received well in fairness.

On the whole, I believe the sport can come back to peak levels by next year but it requires all the powers that be in the US and UK.

Listen, all of you, you knuckleheads, Haymon, Hearn, Arum, Warren, Loeffler and anyone else I can’t think of off the top of my head.

I have respect for you all but just make the bloody fights at this stage to bring boxing back appropriately.

No ego or any of that crap just get it bleeding done.

Look, that’s it and just the way it has to go. Boxing requires better fights. So get on with it and carry on lads.

As for this pandemic affecting the world still, continue to do the right thing folks and look after yourselves.

Be good to one another for f*** sake.

I know people always want my advice on various things going on in the world in different nations but look I don’t know anything.

Look, okay, maybe I’ll say this much though — so excuse one being the bearer of bad news but — this climate change and global warming stuff is going to be ten times worse for the world in the years ahead compared to this pandemic in terms death and chaos.

So look it, let’s just get through this thing first and help one another out as best we can, this Covid-19 thing will pass, God is good.

Have no fear.

As for boxing, thank God its back — enjoy it — roll on this weekend’s action folks some quality scraps in store.

Roll on the end of 2020 in what should be a hopefully a bit more bright, positive one compared to the rest of the year so far for the best sport in the world.