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Boxing legends Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson will collide in an exhibition bout on September 12th.

The fight will take place at the Dignity Health Sports Arena in LA, California, USA.

A bout that while most boxing fans say in public they are against, one nonetheless that they will tune into see out of intrigue on the night.

One would hope all health and safety precautions and being taken by both combatants and particularly by the recently very incompetent California State Athletic Commission.

The latter making a terrible blunder recently in a well publicized professional female boxing bout.

That said, excitement among casual sports fans for this Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. spectacle appears to be palpable ahead of next month.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV YouTube Jones revealed how he plans with Tyson’s plan to kill him in the ring:

Both men are currently in the middle of preparation ahead of what should be an interesting night’s entertainment if nothing else.

Tyson for his part has been using some high tech electrode training in his recovery between training sessions ahead of next month.

It is important to note Tyson is now 54-years-old and Jones is 51.

Point being, don’t expect this to be a high-level world title fight.

Both men while icons in the game are obviously well past their best.

Just take it for what it is.


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