Andre Ward Reacts To Floyd Mayweather Training Devin Haney

Andre Ward Reacts To Floyd Mayweather Training Devin Haney

Recently former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather linked up with young prospect Devin Haney.

A number of videos taking him on the pads proved to be popular in terms of views.

Mayweather had long hinted that training was never something for him but Haney represents the first time he’s gotten involved with a notable pro fighter as a trainer.

Another retired pound for pound maestro in the form of Andre Ward gave his thoughts to Fight Hype on the duo:

“I mean, he (Mayweather) has so much knowledge. He has so much to give. He’s not letting what he knows and what he was taught die. He’s passionate. What he’s given the Haney’s of the world and the other guys he’s working with, come on man, that’s priceless.”

He added:

“You know what I would have given to have Floyd Mayweather in the gym with me training me and take me on the mitts when I was coming up? That’s a major blessing.”

He continued:

“I don’t know if he’s going to stick with it. Probably with his dad getting older and stuff he probably wants to keep the legacy alive and I respect that man.”

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