George Foreman Reveals What Made Him The Oldest Heavyweight Champion Ever

As boxing starts to gradually turn the lights back on and open up for business again it will do so in a very different world in the months ahead.

2020 for obvious reasons has been a nightmare one for many around the world.

A time that has shown society and the human race that they are not as in control as they thought they were.

When mother nature strikes nothing can be done about it.

A German-born Swiss fella said one time if you look into nature you’ll understand more of how the world really works.

Alas, I think good ole Albert was on the ball from that school of thought’s view but I’ve been thinking about it a lot more in-depth from different angles recently.

My own inclination on the above is that the more you look into nature you’ll see more how God works.

Albert Einstein was an optimist and a believer in God but he knew, even in the dark days he had in Germany starting out, that it was too vast a concept for the limited human perception of our species’ minds to understand.

Alas, he still believed though.

This year in my humble opinion has been none more proof for me at least. I’ve always believed but I think a lot more folks are stating to wake up a bit more.

That said, I respect all people, religions, beliefs and those that don’t believe in anything too — but born again Christian George Foreman has really been on fire lately with his knowledge in this regard — in tandem with his fight career.

When he beat Michael Moorer in 1994 at the MGM in Las Vegas he became the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

45 years young.

A record that still stands to this day, mind.

This post has garnered a lot of reach on the credit he gives for the victory and the glory:

Over the coming weeks more and more boxing action will be rolling out again in America.

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For the first movers Top Rank, Shakur Stevenson got things underway this week but I’d expect Al and the good folks at Premier Boxing Champions to hopefully have some fight action again in the US by the end of July.

All in all, a rough few months but once again, thanks to all my readers for continuing to support my content on Boxing News and Views, social media and through my partners elsewhere.

I’ll forever be grateful.

Truly thankful to see the big numbers we’ve done recently and do as well as we have.

In Rome at the moment and nearly four weeks free of all addictions.

Strongest I’ve ever been in my life by a mile. I can’t remember ever having this energy and strength.

While working on my weakenesses has been my main focus this past year I’ve also realized my best strength now is by far my instincts.

They’re deadly in work, business and life. A weird gift to have admittedly.

Hard to explain in human comprehension.

Being able to see things early, predict certain things, see through people and businesses and even odd stuff like being able to sense when the weather is about to change.

Alas, good weather in Italy at the moment has me in good spirits.

For some reason when I look back on it all I always seem to win at everything I’ve done in life in the end, it’s odd.

It has to be because of God who I give all the credit and glory to ultimately.

This entrepreneurial journey back to America rolls on. I’ll put on hold settling down and having a family until I get to there in the years ahead.

Without ego and with humility, God blessed me as one strong, handsome, talented mother f*****.

I will wait until America for the family phase of life and meet a nice American woman to settle down and have kids with.

Now out of active addiction, a new life has began thankfully. Once again, thanks for sticking with me on this journey to all my readers.

Boxing is going to come back strong this year, don’t you worry about that.

Stay safe to all world boxing readers at the moment.

This havoc of the last few months is behind us now.

In the weeks ahead keep an eye for hopefully, and I say that with a caveat, hopefully, some big fight announcements to continue boxing’s comeback should be forthcoming.

Stay positive and keep the faith.