Boxing Fans React To Floyd Mayweather Training Devin Haney

Boxing Fans React To Floyd Mayweather Training Devin Haney

Retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has decided to pass on some of his knowledge to the next generation of professional fighters during this lock down in a hands on coaching capacity.

Many have been very impressed with the early look at Floyd Mayweather the trainer so far.

A pure boxing brain indoctrinated into the sweet science from birth.

A craft honed and worked on over the course of a life time producing one of the great fighters to have ever lived.

In recent years Mayweather has turned promoter but the following video of his and bright prospect Devin Haney on the pads has really got people talking about his future as a trainer too:

Very good. Excellent stuff.

Nice to see the use of changing the angles mid way through the clip there.

Switching the angles and not boxing in a rhythm was something that made Floyd so hard to time and nail cleanly in his own career.

An almost instinctive, intuitive gift he had but one he looks to be passing on best he can to Haney.

Switching the angle like that when transitioning to head and body before stepping off again into the next phase of attacks for Haney could be very advantageous in this excellent young fighter’s technical development.

Indeed some of the feedback has been very positive so far: