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53-Year-Old Mike Tyson Leaves Comeback Door Open With Latest Post

As the lock down continues to slowly lift in various parts of the world former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is not totally writing off a potential comeback just yet.

Recently Tyson grabbed world headlines again with some of his training footage, that even at his age, creates a huge amount of attention every time it drops.

The latest story relates to a possible exhibition comeback of Tyson and old foe Evander Holyfield.

An unlikely revelation perhaps only possible in its craziness born out of the crazy times we are living in.

In his latest video Tyson said the following:

As this crazy time gets a little easier at the moment continue to stay safe folks and continue to do the recommended thing.

Being stranded and stuck in Italy in isolation without a gym the last few months during this pandemic and without my passport drove me a bit crazy there for a while but thankfully all good now.

As a non Italian speaker trapped here in recent months, perhaps I was one of the few tourists crazy enough to stick it out here in recent months but light appears to be coming now.

I was unfortunately back in the deep, dark, dark depression again and was on the brink touch and go for a while earlier this week but all good now.

Huge respect to the government this week with the help with my passport and to some good friends in the USA. I would have been lost without them – you know who you are.

We’ll be back on here more frequently now moving forward folks as sanity slowly returns bit by bit and hopefully, and I say this with high hopes, that boxing is back next month (please God).

Things in boxing appear to be slowly but surely gathering a bit more steam at the moment with talks of cards taking place next month behind closed doors in the US.

Stay tuned.