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What Prince Naseem Hamed Said About Tyson Fury Has Stirred Interest

Retired legendary boxer Prince Naseem Hamed from Sheffield, United Kingdom pops up every now and then in boxing news.

Although it doesn’t happen much he always gets a big reaction when he does.

Hate him or love him he was an outstanding fighter in his day.

He brought big interest and big money to the smaller weight classes long before Floyd Mayweather did.

Largely with his entertaining, free flowing knockout fight style in the ring.

His punditry and analysis on modern boxing tends to get attention and he’s given his take on what he makes of current lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury which has done so again:

Indeed many would like to see a combination of all and the above three fighters getting in the ring over the coming years.

Win or lose it doesn’t matter.

That’s what boxing needs – to see the best fight the best and form genuine rivalries to continue to revive mass interest in the sport.

As well as being top fighters all three of the above are excellent characters in their own way.

Boxing like all professional sports need characters at the end of the day.

That’s just the way it’s goes. That’s business.

Boxing in America is set to return on July 4th behind closed doors with more news of confirmed fights expected soon.

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