Conor McGregor Reacts To Oscar De La Hoya Challenge

Conor McGregor Reacts To Oscar De La Hoya Challenge

In keeping with the truly bizarre state of the world at the moment something totally out of left field has come about even by boxing’s standards.

How Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya’s names have been linked together is beyond odd in fairness.

Somehow, some way, De La Hoya, a now retired fighter and promoter has managed to call out McGregor for some type of boxing showdown.

Or at least mentioned his name in terms of what would happen if the two met in a ring.

McGregor has had this to say:

The madness of lock down rolls on.

I can’t honestly see a boxing match between these two happening in all reality.

De La Hoya has been retired for some time now and McGregor since his sole pro boxing venture has returned to the UFC in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Never say never though.

No one thought Mayweather vs McGregor would happen at the time when it did either.