Mike Tyson Drops A Truly Encyclopedic Truth Bomb

mike tyson drops an encyclopedic truth bomb

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has been in the news more than usual recently following training footage regarding a potential exhibition.

He’s been in the news a lot more in recent years overall for his new podcast and some of the big guests he’s had on it.

Tyson reached heights in the sport in terms of fame and monetary gain that few boxers ever do.

He knows all about the fleeting and unfulfilling trappings that come with success at a young age.

It is thought Tyson made and lost hundreds of millions of dollars during his boxing career.

In true champion fashion however he’s come back in recent years to not only achieve success but more importantly become a really good human being.

An admirable dual achievement for one of the sport’s most famed fighting sons.

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Speaking on his latest podcast he summed his crazy boxing career up in a way perhaps more eloquently than ever:

“The distance from the Limo to the gutter is just one step.”

Short but powerful when you think about it.

In many ways this can be applied to all pro fighters and sports stars.

With the current situation ongoing in the world perhaps the above couldn’t have come at a better time really.

A time where people in all nations need to come together and help one another out to come through a very difficult time for Earth.

It will pass though.

Make no mistake and don’t you worry about that.

Boxing is expected to come back next month in Poland in a closed doors type situation.

Time will tell how the sport and indeed the world recovers for the rest of 2020.

Stay safe and keep doing the recommended things.