Michael Buffer Makes A Good Point About Sugar Ray Robinson

michael buffer makes a good point about sugar ray robinson

In a time where boxing is quiet at the moment one legend of the sport outside the ring has made an apt observation about another inside the squared circle.

It often surprises me when people talk about legends of the past and all-time greats how frequently Sugar Ray Robinson’s name gets left out of the conversation.

Granted, his era was quite some time ago but still, to this day in the eyes of many — he’s the best boxer pound for pound that ever lived.

Others will say Muhammad Ali and some will have other names in an always tricky mythical list to conceive at the best of times.

The thing about Robinson though was just how frequently he fought, his all-round fight game and his willingness to take on all contenders.

A legit fighting machine with skills to burn.

That type of regularity wouldn’t be possible in today’s times with the way the sport is set up.

Legendary MC Michael Buffer pointed out an anniversary of the great man this week:

An astonishing record really all things being equal between him and fighters from different eras.

A genuine genius of his time and a pure one hundred per cent boxer to his core.

Some find their callings later in life, admittedly.

Late bloomers if you will.

Robinson was always going to be a boxer from day one.

His intuitive ability to transition in attack while thinking at warp speed simultaneously about what was coming back at him a thing of magic.

A gift not only to boxing but humanity really when you consider the athletic genius he possessed.

To remember why he was as good as he was this video from Reznick (hat tip) is worth a gander:

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