Watch: 53-Year-Old Mike Tyson Shows He Still Has It

In recent days it has been widely reported that youngest heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson is considering a comeback.

In terms of having some potential exhibition bouts.

Like many in the world at the moment Tyson is no doubt looking to channel his energies.

The gym being a welcome outlet for him at this time.

In terms of the exhibition opponent, no one concrete has been mentioned yet but it is thought that some big names are in the mix.

The once hard hitting champion has been smashing away at the pads in lock down at the moment.

Even at his age he shows he still has some of the old power and explosiveness:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Some good power still there.

No doubt that would still drop or clean out many a man if it lands cleanly, correctly and accurately.

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Tyson has been long retired as a professional fighter at the moment though.

A proper comeback to the sport as a professional at this age seems very unlikely.

If it was a short exhibition bout however under controlled circumstances (against a big name) there is no doubt that it would capture the world’s attention.

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