Photos Show 53-Year-Old Mike Tyson Transformation Back In Fight Shape

Youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history Mike Tyson continues to make headlines in the boxing world once again.

‘Iron’ Mike has been retired for quite some time from the sport but at 53 years of age anytime he shares a boxing related training clip the world seems to go mad.

Back in his prime, he really did possess that bit of magic in terms of the carnage he was able to create in a professional boxing ring.

Such a unique style, short for a heavyweight, he transcended the sport with his captivating knockouts in a short but roaring blaze of a prime.

In recent years he’s battled back from addiction and overcome obstacles in life most men would never be able to even fathom, let alone deal with.

Despite now having a number of successful ventures outside the boxing business Mike now looks like he’s serious about an exhibition bout of sorts.

Not a comeback to a pro ring but a four round exhibition it has been circulated.

This photo by the folks at ESPN on Instagram (hat tip) shows how much hard work he’s been putting in to get there from last year to this year:

Fair play.

While obviously many people would like to see Tyson recapture the old days and start blasting away again in the ring don’t expect it anytime soon.

By all accounts it will just be an exhibition bout and the training he is currently partaking in during the lock down is just to channel his energies.

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