Update For Boxing’s Return – Promoter Makes A Good Point

Update For Boxing's Return - Promoter Makes A Good Point

Today I got the following letter from the British Board regarding when boxing as a sport could likely resume again behind closed doors:

While the above is going to depress a lot of people who love boxing it is important that it is respected though.

Health and safety is ultimately more important than any one sport or profession at this time.

July being the hopeful month that some action behind closed doors resumes in the UK is a little later than late June that some people were hoping for.


That said, news out of Poland this week in terms of the Polish showing some decent pro boxing behind closed doors in mid June is encouraging.

The last two months here in Italy have been a nightmare to be honest in terms of the self isolation.

I like the Italians but the lock down here seems to have been stricter than anywhere else in the world.

Ha, I thought I was losing my sanity and going crazy a bit the last couple of weeks in particular.

Alas, May 4th in Italy marks phase two and some little bit more freedom of movement to put behind a barbaric couple of months in isolation in truth.

The simple things in life like going to the gym or barbers for a haircut will be appreciated all the more when they return.

While the above seems to put boxing back a bit in the UK, one would imagine the US will follow a similar time line as per usual practice in boxing.

Despite the carnage of the last couple of months English boxing promoter Eddie Hearn made a good point today:

Stay positive.

Keep washing the ole hands.

Keep the distance.

Keep the faith.

May is going to be a much better month than April.

At least in June it looks like we will have some live professional boxing action behind closed doors again in Poland.

Bring it on.