George Foreman Clears Up What He Wants To Do With Deontay Wilder

George Foreman Clears Up What He Wants To Do With Deontay Wilder

Following Deontay Wilder’s recent loss to Tyson Fury in their WBC heavyweight title rematch it was widely reported that former heavyweight champion George Foreman wanted to help Wilder in the third fight.

It wasn’t entirely clear in what capacity though.

Wilder who has a well respected trainer in Mark Breland also had an offer from former American boxer Floyd Mayweather to train him.

From Foreman’s perspective however it is not a direct training capacity he’s interested in assisting him in.

More so from a mentor perspective it would seem.

Speaking on social media Foreman elaborated on what he thinks he could bring to the table:

When you consider that Foreman had a very free swinging, offensive, big punching fight style like Wilder — the above could be very beneficial.

It seems to make sense. Would Wilder listen?

You’d have to think he has nothing to lose in at least hearing out what Foreman has to suggest.

When the current break in boxing is over from the Corona virus pandemic it is understood Fury vs Wilder 3 will happen next for both boxers.

Likely in the US again.

At the moment everything is up in the air and on hold however.

When things do return no doubt Wilder will take all the help he can get.

Fury’s 7 round demolition win recently leaves a lot of work to be done for him.

Now is the time where he can go back to the drawing board.