A Lot Of People Agree With Tony Bellew’s View On The Corona Virus

Economies around the world are tanking at the moment due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Us in the boxing world typically exist in a microcosm when it comes to the big issues going on in the world outside of the sport.

A welcome respite for lovers of the sport away from lots of bull that permeates the outside world at times.

That said, the Corona virus impacted boxing like everything else and for those who live in the boxing bubble, perhaps it was a much needed reminder to us that there is much more important things happening in the world other than boxing at the moment.

How long it takes for the world to get back on its feet economically is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, most will be taking a pay cut for a while.

Former world champion Tony Bellew seems to have got a lot of support for his take on things earlier on in this regard:

Decent point there.

It’s easy to point the finger at big sports stars at times like this but large corporations asking for bail outs is a bit a rich in fairness.

There’s plenty of corporation CEO’s and billionaires who don’t need any bail outs at the moment.

The amount of traction Bellew’s tweet above has gotten speaks volumes on what the general public think on the matter.