Ryan Garcia Reveals What Happened When He Sparred Canelo Alvarez

Ryan Garcia Reveals What Happened When He Sparred Canelo Alvarez

Boxers find themselves in a precarious spot like everyone else at the moment in the world.

Although, boxers only get paid when they fight so at the moment many of them are feeling the pinch and trying to keep busy to the best of their abilities.

Keeping busy is certainly what rising undefeated star Ryan Garcia has been doing.

His Instagram and Twitter posts testimony to that.

Pad work and relentless workouts to get him through this lock down the world is experiencing.

More than that, though, recently he even was brave enough to spar one Canelo Alvarez.

A fellow promotional stablemate at Golden Boy and regarded by many as the best pound for pound fighter in the world today.

Certainly the biggest name in boxing out of active fighters.

He had a lot of size advantage over the much smaller Garcia, obviously, who told Fight Hype what went down:

“He (Canelo) actually knocked out a heavyweight in sparring. This dude is a… When I was sparring him I was like alright bro, you gotta chill. Let’s just spar. I was like, bro… I was sparring him when he was up at light-heavyweight. Like, I attacked him with a few shots then he just hit me with one (punch) and I was like, cool. Chill out. Just chill out.”


Some stones to step in there with Canelo considering the difference in weight and size.

No doubt that experience will stand to him when boxing does return later in the year (hopefully).

Prior to the Coronavirus Garcia was being touted to take on Jorge Linares.

A dangerous fight and an excellent step up in my opinion.

If he were to beat Linares it would really say a lot about the ability of this young fighter.