Boxer’s Father Tragically Passes Away From Coronavirus

Boxer's Father Tragically Passes Away From Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is continuing to spread throughout the world and sadly taking the lives of even healthy people now with no underlying medical conditions.

Young and old.

The sport of boxing has not been immune from this either.

Well known UK professional fighter Anthony Yarde’s father has now sadly passed away from the virus.

Speaking on social media Yarde said the following:

Very sad news and very brave from Anthony Yarde there.

Sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers with him and his family at the moment.

The above really puts things into perspective regarding just how dangerous a situation this is for the world at the moment.

Hopefully as the weeks go on and more data about the virus is obtained scientists will be able to fight back more and more in terms of measures to combat what essentially is an invisible enemy.

It could be quite some time before things get back to normal and what normal looks like in the future is anyone’s guess.