This weekend the funeral and memorial service of the late, great Roger Mayweather took place.

A champion, trainer and character in the sport of boxing who will not be forgotten.

A straight to the point, encyclopedic boxing brain who had a heart of gold.

Giving praise from Roger didn’t come easily.

If he thought you didn’t know what you were speaking about his popular phrase ‘You don’t know s*** about boxing’ would be quickly dispersed.

Without hesitation.

A true student of the game Roger Mayweather had his favorites he liked to watch.

His knowledge of the sport went back all the way right up to modern times.

An outstanding fighter in his day too of course.

Speaking to EsNews YouTube (hat tip) one time he talked about who the enjoyed watching fight:

A one of kind character and a part of boxing history forever.

No doubt about that.

Rest in peace Roger Mayweather.

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