People Are In Stitches About What Tyson Fury’s Son Said To Him

People Are In Stitches About What Tyson Fury's Son Said To Him

This Coronavirus pandemic has forced many families and loved ones to be around one another longer than they usually might.

Home workout routines, movies and spending quality time together one would hope.

Of course, given the amount of time families are spending with another — tensions often arise.

That’s just how it goes.

One of the more light, funny moments of the current lock-down and quarantine has come from the Tyson Fury household.

During a work out routine Fury told his kids to exit the living room to allow him and his wife to do their exercise.

What one of his young sons told him in reply is quite brilliant in its brutal honesty that only a child could deliver in such a funny way:

Ah yes, kids, they’re just brilliant really in their honesty.

In a time of doom and gloom around the world people have found the following a light moment of respite from it:

Perhaps the above is a great lesson to us all in that no matter where in the world you are and despite the serious nature of what’s going on, there’s always room still for a good sense of humor.

On a serious note, continue to do the right things, keep the distance and follow the recommended things.

This virus will eventually pass.