This Roger Mayweather Pad Work With Floyd Speaks For Itself

The world is currently seeing things that it hasn’t seen perhaps since world war two with the Coronavirus pandemic.

A bleak time with death everywhere.

Certainly here in Italy where I am things are very bad.

That said, things can’t always stay bad however and one must remember that through all darkness comes the light.

This too shall pass.

From a boxing standpoint things are on hold but the passing recently of one of the sport’s great trainers and characters Roger Mayweather has lessons for us all.

A man who suffered with health problems for years but never complained and battled on best he could.

When he was healthy and training his nephew Floyd the two’s hard work and dedication spoke for itself.

As did the now famous Roger Mayweather pad work.

Something that has been copied by trainers the world over in recent years.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but when it comes to the Roger Mayweather pad work – it will never truly be copied.

It was one of a kind, really.

Speed, timing, skill and and an unspoken rhythm between teacher and sweet science pupil all in the one.

This clip from the folks at Fight Hub TV YouTube (hat tip) shows the level of genius it had at its best: