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Texas native Errol Spence Jr has had quite the few years to remember in recent times.

Becoming an undefeated world champion and pound for pound rated fighter in a relatively quick time.

Only to then nearly have it all snatched away and far more importantly, his health and life nearly taken.

Via a vicious car accident where he survived being ejected out of his Ferrari.

Straight through the windscreen at high speed.

While some injuries were sustained they were minor and Spence had been on track for a summer return before the Coronavirus pandemic.

An emergency world situation which has caused the boxing calendar to be put on hold for a while.

Spence like many fighters now are taking time to reflect.

Speaking from the heart on social media Spence got the following off his chest:

To which one of his fellow fighters interjected:

Spence went on to elaborate further:

It seems like we live in era now where fighters of today often compare themselves to legends of the past.

The reality is that comparing different generations is a futile exercise.

Athletes get bigger, stronger and faster but the cool thing about boxing is that it really is a sweet science.

A sport where skills really do pay the bills and knowing one’s craft is vital.

It would be nice to see more legendary champions getting involved in coaching pro boxers.

Recent moves from people like Floyd Mayweather and George Foreman to train heavyweight Deontay Wilder were a nice touch I thought.

As for Spence, he’s got it all ahead of him when he returns.

Without doubt a very bright future to look forward to.

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