Andy Ruiz Take On The Coronavirus Has People Saying The Same Thing

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr like the rest of most of the world is currently in lock down.

While some nations have implemented strict rules some still have not.

As the cases and death count sore however one would expect that all travel between countries will be cancelled soon.

Ruiz who won and lost the heavyweight title last year in two fights with Anthony Joshua is staying positive however.

In terms of keeping a light sense of humor.

This tweet in particular proving to be very popular with many folks:

Indeed he’s on a bit of a roll at the moment.

Ruiz is now taking time to chill because in truth there is not a whole lot else he can do other than train at home and hopefully keep an eye on his diet.

His weight increase from the first to second Anthony Joshua fight largely was a main factor he wasn’t able to perform how he usually does.

In my humble opinion.

Keeping things light he also dropped this which people are loving at the moment:

2020 was a rebuilding year for Ruiz anyway after an roller coaster of a 2019.

A year that saw him knockout Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden only to then give back the titles he won in Saudi Arabia.

For those that didn’t see either of those bouts let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

(Hat tip DAZN YouTube – first fight)

(After the second fight last December (hat tip Sky Sports Boxing YouTube)

The entire boxing world is on hold now. For at least a couple of months.

Likely longer though.

But when it does return Ruiz is still looking for a new trainer.

Some have suggested that New York’s Teddy Atlas could be the man for that bounce back.

Time will tell.

Andy Ruiz Jr is certainly a top tier heavyweight when he is in shape and focused.

No doubt about that.

Next time he reaches the top he’ll be ready for all the trappings that success comes with.

Discipline and consistency is key as he’s found out. He’ll be more prepared for it next time no doubt.

Overall he’s an awesome fighter with the heart of a lion.

He will get back in the mix sooner rather than later.