Boxing World Comes Up With Its Own Novel Idea For The Coronavirus

In a rather bleak time for society around the world at the moment it is important to stay positive and keep battling on as best you can.

Admittedly, here in Italy with the Coronavirus outbreak has been quite bad in recent weeks with now the rest of the world starting to see the effects of what the disease causes.

Roger Mayweather passing during the week definitely took the wind out of my sails as I’m sure it did many people.

But it’s important to remember that if Roger were here and healthy he’d be still doing what he loved to do and involved in the sport he loved.

In the face of adversity we must continue on, crack on and fight to end no matter what life throws at us.

That’s just the way it goes.

The boxing world has come up with its own way to raise spirits and spread a more positive message at the moment.

It seems to originate from promoter Eddie Hearn.

Good man Eddie.

More of this is needed online for all nations at the moment where people should help one another out as best they can at the moment and not give way to worry or fear.

Both are pointless anyway.

This is more like it from the social media world.

Fair play, boxing: