Mayweather Family Reveal Stunning Roger Mayweather Tribute

It has been a rough time of late with the whole Coronavirus and for the boxing world last week following Roger Mayweather’s passing.

One of the underrated trainers of his time in many ways.

A man who’s pad work technique to this day is used by trainers the world over.

His nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr spent the bulk of his pro career under his guidance.

A combination that resulted in Floyd becoming the best pound for pound fighter of his era.

That in itself speaks volumes about Roger.

While Roger was a hugely accomplished trainer and world champion perhaps it was his unique personality that stood out the most.

A tell it like it is, funny, witty guy.

This phrase now one of legend:

“Most people don’t know s*** about boxing.”

Indeed, you don’t have to look very far on social media to see all the tributes paid to him in recent days to see the respect the boxing community expressed for him.

Since his passing is family and the official Mayweather YouTube channel (hat tip) have released an outstanding video on him.

A compilation.

A tribute video.


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