George Foreman Reveals 3 Surprising Facts About His Boxing Career

The harsh reality of professional boxing is that without a shadow of a doubt it is the ultimate hurt business.

Those who take the risk and make it to the top get their financial reward and deservedly so.

In many cases however, boxers will leave their careers less than both from a physiological or a psychological state than what they did before they started.

That’s just the facts of the matter for a number of fighters, sadly.

Hence, why the pay days are so good at the top for those who make it.

Risk vs reward.

With that being said, it should also be noted that medical care and information continues to get better year on year in the sweet science and many well known fighters who have retired do in fact have all their faculties intact.

Some of them are some of the most articulate athletes you’ll hear anywhere no less.

Just thinking of names off the top of my head like Joe Calzaghe, Floyd Mayweather, Lennox Lewis, Ray Leonard — all of whom still speak very well and retired with all their faculties intact.

After all, money is pointless without your health and any of the above would tell you that your health is your wealth at the end of the day.

Another legend of the ring George Foreman is also doing well these days in retirement and said to one fan on Twitter the following about his own boxing career:

The first three points about his boxing career might surprise some considering some of the absolute wars he was involved in.

Who’ll ever forget this gem in boxing history – enjoy:

Without doubt still to this day one of the classic all-time best fights in boxing history.

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