Going into Saturday’s WBC heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder it was well publicized that Tyson Fury had changed trainers before the fight.

Something I thought personally was a very risky move.

Changing trainers before such a big fight can often be very dangerous but Fury proved me and everyone else wrong in this regard.

Appointing Sugar Hill proved to be a master stroke.

That Kronk fight style really seemed to suit Tyson.

It was also well noted before the fight that Fury and previous trainer Ben Davison had a mutual parting of company professionally but remained good friends.

Indeed, it has been nice to see Davison being classy since the weekend.

He has mentioned since that Fury bringing in Sugar Hill was the right idea in the end.

Davison has made another good point I thought since Saturday night:

Well said.

What Tyson Fury has achieved in his boxing career is remarkable when you go back to him dethroning Klitschko in Germany.

To then overcoming what he did outside the ring to get fit and healthy again and lose the incredible amount of weight he did.

To now becoming the premier heavyweight fighter on Earth.

What a story in fairness.