Floyd Mayweather Reacts To Tyson Fury Beating Deontay Wilder

The boxing world and indeed the wider sports world likely will be coming to terms all week this week with what transpired at the weekend just gone.

The start of a new reign of heavyweight champion signified by Tyson Fury stopping Deontay Wilder in the 7th round in Las Vegas.

All the major heavyweight titles now are controlled by Britain between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Boxing really is a crazy business, this game is so unpredictable.

Only a few months ago all the titles were in America between Wilder and Ruiz holding them now they are back on the other side of the pond.

Yes, the only thing predictable in boxing is its unpredictability.

“Following Wilder’s loss at the weekend former pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather has now given his reaction speaking on his Instagram:Win, Lose or Draw…. Deontay @BronzeBomber is our brother that has accomplished many triumphs and as a community we should all uplift and support him throughout it all. No matter what, you’re still a winner in my eyes, King!”

A classy move by Mayweather there, well done.

As for Wilder, expect news on his comeback fight in the coming month or so.

One would expect him back this summer pending an injuries that he may need to heal first.