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George Foreman Makes An Interesting Point Ahead Of Wilder Fury 2

Coming into tonight many have debated what both men’s fight strategies could be second time round.

A lot has happened since their first fight back in December 2018.

In fairness, WBC champion Deontay Wilder faced better competition than Fury last year and looked very impressive in his knockout wins.

At the same time, Fury is in far better shape tonight, overall, then when he was just after coming back from years of abusing his mind and body outside the ring before the first fight.

Both guys came in heavy yesterday which has got many speculating that both could indeed be looking to exchange heavy leather early on.

A strategy seemingly more suited to puncher Wilder.

To punch with the puncher seems like a risky ploy from Fury but one he’s been adamant about following through on in the build-up.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman was keen to point out something relevant to one Twitter user ahead of tonight’s fight I thought.

Wilder rarely looks for body shots and traditionally has been a head hunter:

Why I think this is interesting however is for the point about body shots overall.

I think you might actually see some from Fury on Wilder early on as he looks to possibly tie him up, lean on him and sap the Alabama man’s energy and look to drain him and outbox him bit by bit.

For Deontay’s part, he might think to himself, okay, let him try that, if he gets close enough to me to do that he’s going to have to step in and perhaps I can time him with a straight right hand as he does.

Game plans are crucial in boxing.

Ultimately, we won’t know what either man’s is until that first bell goes later on.

Roll on.