Watch: Tyson Fury Sensationally Stops Deontay Wilder In Las Vegas


In a truly remarkable fight tonight in Las Vegas ‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury put on what can only be described as one of the great performances in recent heavyweight boxing memory.

Coming into the fight I thought the Fury body shots would prove pivotal, that he’d lean on him and that he’d likely outbox Wilder and take him out between round 7 to 10 but man, I still didn’t quite visualize it being that emphatic.

Vintage heavyweight boxing tonight, it really was.

A perfectly executed game plan from Fury who demonstrated all the skills he’s had in his locker for years with controlled aggression.

Fury set the theme for the fight in many ways coming into the ring on a throne and right from the get go he showed who was boss in the ring by putting Wilder on the back foot like he promised he would.

Multiple knockdowns then ensued in what turned out to be a one side beating in the end.

Here’s how it all went down:

With humility and without ego, I’ve said it for years on here and in private but tonight, Tyson Fury really showed why he’s the best heavyweight of this era with that performance.

We could be witnessing something special with Fury now that he’s back and better than ever before.

Redemption complete. Well done.

An amazing fight and night for the sport of boxing overall.

Congrats to the new champion, Tyson Fury.

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