Floyd Mayweather Honors Sports Icon Kobe Bryant

Floyd Mayweather Honors Sports Icon Kobe Bryant

Participating in a charity basketball match in Miami retired pound for pound boxer Floyd Mayweather competed in a match in tribute to the late, great basketball player and one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Kobe Bryant.

All week members of both the boxing world and indeed the larger sports world have been paying tribute to an athlete that inspired a generation.

A doggedly determined man who believed in himself from start to finish in his career, his accomplishments are perhaps only surpassed by the legacy of his mental strength that lives on.

An athlete who never gave up.

A genuinely inspirational human being on all fronts.

EsNews YouTube (hat tip) said it well and pointed out how Floyd Mayweather honored Bryant in Miami:

“If you’re not going to believe in yourself, nobody else will.” — Kobe Bryant.

Perhaps one of most true quotes ever said.

Rest in peace Kobe Byrant.

As for Floyd Mayweather, at this time he continues to be linked with some sort of return this year to a combat sports event in 2020.

In all likelihood however, it will just be that, an ‘event’.

One that will not put him in any harms way whatsoever.

Certainly not in the form of a professional boxing match at his age now.

Expect news by the summer time on Mayweather’s next exhibition.