George Foreman Reveals The Boxer That Scared Him Most

George Foreman Reveals The Boxer That Scared Him Most

When one looks around at the modern day heavyweight division it would probably be fair to say that the guys at the top these days are bigger, stronger and in many cases — better athletes than those that came before them.

Inevitably that’s just how sports science and professional sports tends to evolve.

Over time athletes typically get bigger, stronger and better when analyzing things objectively.

The likes of Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are all giants of the ring these days.

Sure. Perhaps considered the best three modern heavyweight fighters in this particular era.

But when you go back to the golden era of boxing in years gone by heavyweight legend one George Foreman no doubt still would have been a force in today’s times too.

As would many of his rivals like Muhammad Ali (considered the greatest by many) and Joe Frazier.

Foreman’s ferocity, raw power and will to win would have translated to any era, surely.

A man who later found peace in life in his faith, prior to which, in his younger days, perhaps he was one of the most ferocious fighters that ever lived.

A man with only one real plan when stepping in their with his opponent.

To do as much damage as possible and close the show in conclusive fashion as quickly as he could.

So, when he goes on record to say what boxer scared him most, you know it genuinely means something.

Speaking to one fan on Twitter the boxing legend revealed:

What a fight that would have been — Foreman and Tyson.

Or either of the two against the likes of big hitters Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua in today’s times would have been interesting too.

Ultimately, its very hard to compare fighters from different but nonetheless — a very fun exercise for fight fans.