A bubbling new rivalry between two of boxing’s brightest young stars appears to be forming nicely at the moment.

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis both have made quick moves as professionals in recent years and both already have solid fan bases.

Davis would tell you his fan base is bigger and Garcia visa versa.

There’s no doubt there is big interest in both and provided both keep winning, it promises to be a beautiful fight of explosive speed and power when it does happen.

Speaking to TMZ YouTube today (hat tip) Garcia had some shots to fire Tank’s way:

Davis recently scored a win over the holiday season to keep his show on the road.

Garcia is tabbed for a return next month on a Golden Boy card.

Provided he wins that, however, it is thought Garcia is being lined up for a Jorge Linares bout on the undercard of Canelo Alvarez’ next fight on Cinco De Mayo May weekend.

A bout that would be a huge test for the youngster and not one he’d be guaranteed to get through.

As for now, though, this Garcia vs Davis fight appears to be growing legs by the day.

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