Terence Crawford Reveals Errol Spence Phone Call

Recently Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, two of boxing’s leading welterweight fighters and pound for pound stars – went to war outside of the ring.

So to speak.

The two who are known to be more of the quiet top fighters in the sport when it comes to trash talking, instead chose to throw that usual playbook out the window and went for broke on Twitter recently.

Clearly the two want the fight with one another but apparently because of politics it hasn’t happened yet.

Speaking to Fight Hype however Crawford revealed following the social media conversations on Twitter that the two actually had a phone call:

“Man, you see how it went! You see what transpired on Twitter. I told him I was going to call him, so I called him up. We talked briefly and that was that. Listen, when things fall in place that fight going to happen.”

He added:

“I’m looking at all of them. They are the one (Spence) and two (Manny Pacquiao), two and one, however you want to put it, fights that I really want at this point in my career. Those are the fights that will get me to undisputed so those are the fights that I really want right now. If I can’t get Spence I would like to get Pacquiao. Or visa versa. It don’t matter. I would like them one after another.”

While the Manny Pacquiao fight for Crawford seems a bit left field at this point, particularly given the fact Pacquiao no longer fights for the same promoter or network as Crawford, and that Pacquiao is well advanced in age at this point, still, it’s a solid fight.

That said, the Errol Spence fight is the one that everyone wants at the end of the day.

The fact that Crawford picked up the phone himself directly to Spence however shows just how serious he is about it.

No doubt about it.

As for Spence, he will need to have a comeback fight before this summer first before a potential Crawford showdown later in the year.