Later today will mark the first time both WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and lineal champion Tyson Fury will have come face to face in some time.

The two are well acquainted with one another at this stage after a memorable press tour before their first fight back in 2018.

That being said, one suspects what could be planned for later on could be even more off the hook.

A real carnival type promotion is expected ahead of next month’s February 22nd rematch in Las Vegas.

In many ways, besides being regarded as two of the top three heavyweights in the world — Wilder and Fury are also probably the two best characters in boxing today too.

The trash talk is ferocious from both but as last time also showed — they both back it up in the ring.

Here’s what Fury has had to say to Wilder today on the eve of the Wilder vs Fury 2 press conference:

The pair fought to a draw last time out.

The presser is expected to get underway later today at 2pm LA time on the West coast.

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