Tyson Fury Sets Sights On An Unusual Next Opponent After Deontay Wilder

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is currently deep in preparations for next month’s February 22nd rematch with Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

Fury will enlist new trainer Sugar Hill and assistant coach, former world champion Andy Lee in his corner for the rematch.

It is clear that Fury is in a good place physically and mentally at the moment from recent interviews and footage.

Currently in Las Vegas ahead of next month’s fight, Fury has intimated that he wants to be more aggressive in the rematch with Wilder second time round.

Some have speculated that there are already plans for a third Wilder fight in the summer for Fury.

Regardless of the result of the rematch next month.

Speaking to the folks at Fight Hub TV YouTube (hat tip) however — Fury pointed to none other than Brock Lesnar as his next opponent following Wilder:

Fury could of course be selling his book at the moment but at the same time he could be serious about another WWE stint too.

Lesnar who was a former UFC champion is currently a WWE wrestler.

An organization Fury competed in last year when getting his name and brand out there in America.

Indeed, a Lesnar WWE spectacle would be huge for Fury’s name in the US and worldwide.

Even if he were to lose to Wilder next month a brief return to the WWE against Lesnar could certainly be fitted in between now and a third fight with Wilder in the summer.

In theory.

First thing’s first though.

He has business to take care of in the form of one of the most vicious punchers in boxing history next month when he takes on WBC heavyweight champion Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder.