Gary Spike O’Sullivan Reacts To Jaime Munguia Loss and People Saying The Same

Ireland’s Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan lost by TKO on Saturday night to Jaime Munguia but put up a brave and commendable performance as always.

The 35-year-old Cork man has never been one to shy away from challenges or big fights in his professional career.

A fighter though and through, the Mahon native has always given value for money in his career to fight fans and Saturday night was no different.

Here’s what happened at the time of stoppage:

Following the fight O’Sullivan posted his reaction to the loss a short time ago:

A class act in fairness with that reaction and no doubt some interesting fights are still out there for him.

Most likely at junior middleweight moving forward.

Boxing fans have largely all been saying the same thing as regards O’Sullivan’s efforts and reaction to defeat:

No shortage of support there for one of boxing’s gents and a superb warrior.