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George Foreman Reveals What His Best Punch Was

As 2019 and the end of the decade comes to a close one of the sport’s greatest ever heavyweights George Foreman has been reminiscing on some of his fondest moments in boxing.

As he tends to do with fans online every so often.

One of the biggest punchers of his time, Foreman’s only real intention in his career was to destroy his opponent.

Indeed, even as a standout amateur, his free-swinging powerhouse style was forged early on.

Sure, there was some skills there, you don’t achieve what he did without being able to box but in truth — Foreman was far more interested in taking guys out cleanly.

Perhaps that’s why he became such a popular fighter in the past and is still remember so fondly today.

When asked by one fan today what punch was it that was his favorite George replied:

For an illustration of the first shot in practice, one Joe Frazier knew all to well about it.

Lifting him off his feet with the uppercut at one point:

Happy new year to all.

Every good wish for the new year and the new decade in 2020.

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