George Foreman Reveals Why Ali Beat Him, Sonny Liston and Joe Frazier

George Foreman Reveals Why Ali Beat Him, Sonny Liston and Joe Frazier

While most prepare for the holiday season no doubt many fight fans around the world will be planning to catch up on some old legendary fights.

Or perhaps even might be buying some boxing documentary/video/movie related gifts for fight fans they know.

George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Sonny Liston represented a golden age for the sport’s heavyweight division.

A popular Christmas gift in many fight fans’ Christmas stockings over the years has been of course the documentary ‘When We Were Kings’.

A testament to that magic era of boxing.

Ultimately, Muhammad proved himself the king of the ring in his time during a truly remarkable period for the sport.

When asked by one fan what the reason was for it recently — his rival George Foreman pointed to the following:

Powerful stuff from the great George Foreman.

Perhaps the deepest fear that exists within us all internally is the fear of our own crazy potential and beginning to actually realize it in our adult lives.

Once this is done time and time again through the repetition of tangible and transparent affirmations, overcoming adversity time and time again, getting stronger each time, while keeping the faith, inevitably, success occurs.

Impossible is nothing, really, as the great Muhammad Ali put it himself.

In the words of one Nelson Mandela:

Indeed, fear can be a very useful human emotion when used to excel like Muhammad used it.

Noteably, before one of his fights with Sonny Liston — his blood pressure was off the charts at the weigh-in.

Many said going into the fight that Ali was afraid of Liston because of this but as history would prove to us — the truth was quite a bit different.

Ali, ever the genius. Always thinking. Always making a move at the right time.

Here’s that weigh-in:

Here’s how the fight transpired:

As we look forward to a new year in 2020 for the heavyweight division in boxing one would remain hopeful that the three modern best heavyweight fighters of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder prove who really is the king of the ring in this era before 2020 is out.