In just one week’s time the boxing world will be treated to a heavyweight boxing bonanza in Saudi Arabia when Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua do battle for a second time this year.

Earlier in 2019 Ruiz shocked the world to upset Joshua at Madison Square Garden by knocking him out in emphatic fashion in a result that very few predicted.

An against the grain happening that has now transcended into him becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champion in history and a huge star in the process.

Humble in defeat and victory, it won’t faze Ruiz however.

Both he and Joshua have whipped themselves into frightening condition for next weekend’s contest in arguably what both will be their lightest ever weight come weigh-ins next Friday.

However it goes down and transpires — expect copious amounts of ferocity, heart and power on display as long as the fight lasts.

True to form, the good folks at Sky Sports Boxing YouTube (hat tip) have pulled out all the stops with their traditional big fight ‘Gloves Are Off’ show too.


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