Strange Floyd Mayweather Move Towards Deontay Wilder Goes Unreported

Strange Floyd Mayweather Move Towards Deontay Wilder Goes Unreported

Its nearly been a week since WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder racked up his second win over much avoided Cuban Luis Ortiz via a scintillating right hand.

That being said, I can’t help but think on something about the whole fight and event that seems to have been over looked by many.

Last weekend, at the iconic MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Wilder’s fight was promoted by legendary fighter Floyd Mayweather’s company — Mayweather Promotions.

Previously, Wilder was promoted by passionate New Yorker Lou Di Bella but following a respectful parting of company between the two — Mayweather’s company stepped in last weekend.

Despite the fact Floyd was promoting America’s WBC heavyweight champ, a fellow American on a massive event in Vegas, he didn’t even plug the fight on his social media channels or give one single shout out to Wilder.

Or even mention anything like ‘We’ve just signed America’s WBC heavyweight champion tune in to watch this fight’ to drum up publicity for Wilder and the fight event that his company were promoting.

Not a word since either.

With the gargantuan social media following Floyd commands and the fact his company were promoting the fight, a heavyweight title fight no less featuring the country’s WBC heavyweight champion of the world, you would have thought promoting it on his social channels to help with ticket sales and PPV buys would have being plain old common sense.

But nothing.

Floyd was at the fight himself and no interviews following it either or mentions of Wilder after his win.

The whole thing just seemed very strange.

Something off about it.

If Floyd Mayweather wants his promotional company to really take off, respectfully, in my opinion, he should be out there banging the drum and promoting all his boxers and events relentlessly.

No less a huge fight event that his company is promoting for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world.