People All Saying The Same Thing About Errol Spence Mugshot

People All Saying The Same Thing About Errol Spence Mugshot

In the twisted world of social media we live in these days it’s easy for some to point the fingers at others when they have fallen or made mistakes.

Particularly high profile people like world champion Errol Spence.

Without doubt, one of the best fighters in the world today.

Recently Spence was involved in a horrific car crash after his latest bout.

An incident where his Ferrari flipped and ejected him through the windscreen of the vehicle entirely.

Something most people don’t survive or come back from.

The fact he survived but did so without suffering any serious injuries was quite astonishing.

Almost unbelievable really.

But he did and he’s now trying to move on with his life and learn from his mistakes which is all anyone can do.

He’s been charged with drink driving on the night but in general the sentiment towards him is very supportive since his mugshot has emerged:

A lucky man. No doubt about it.

As for his boxing career, I’d expect him to return to the ring next year at some point but perhaps not in a high profile match up first up.

Obviously the fight everyone wants to see is against Terence Crawford.

We’ll get it eventually.

But for now, Spence will be resting up no doubt over the holiday period before returning to the sport next year.