Details Of Floyd Mayweather 2-Fight 2020 Plan Emerge

Details Of Floyd Mayweather 2-Fight 2020 Plan Emerge

Good old Floyd Mayweather has fans guessing again as to what he’ll be up to in combat sports following some social media posts saying he’s coming out of retirement.

Recent interviews have also suggested however that he will be only doing so in an exhibition type format.

A new report though from TMZ and as laid out by writer Michael Benson suggests otherwise.

And, that a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao could still be on the cards for the new year:

Some or all of the above is certainly not out of the realms of possibility but you’d have to think at this stage and at the age of 42 that Floyd isn’t about to start taking risks now.

While Pacquiao is also now turned 40 he does represent some risk in that he’s had a return to form against top level competition in recent times.

Floyd has been nowhere near a ring with top competition in it for a long time and if the two do meet in a ring expect it to be an exhibition event.