Evander Holyfield Reacts To 42-Year-Old Floyd Mayweather Coming Out Of Retirement

Floyd Mayweather announced on Instagram last night that he’s out of retirement which once again has caused a stir in the fight universe.

Despite the 42-year-old being removed from active competition in professional boxing for some time — he’s still one of if not the biggest name in boxing.

Whether or not Mayweather fights an exhibition, which is most likely, is unknown just yet.

Nonetheless, whatever unarmed combat format the American returns in — it undoubtedly will generate interest.

Just like his bout with Conor McGregor and exhibition in Tokyo in recent years have done.

Hall of Fame fighter Evander Holyfield gave his reaction to the folks at EsNews YouTube (hat tip) a short time ago:

One would expect that Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will be involved in some shape or form next year.

Even if it is just another exhibition in Japan and not a professional boxing contest.