In the unforgiving, brutal and ruthless professional boxing business it’s easy for us to forget sometimes the positive impact role models within it like Anthony Joshua can have on others.

Athletes that do so much for society.

The sport of boxing has perhaps taken more black eyes outside the ring than it ever has inside of it by the naysayers against the sport and from the old ‘boxing is dead’ brigade.

Moronic individuals who have been quickly and efficiently proven wrong time and time again.

Particularly in recent years with the resurgence of the sport’s popularity in comparison to years previous.

Earlier this year former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua suffered his first defeat as a professional fighter against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Something the former champion hasn’t complained about or made excuses for since.

Instead, he’s knuckled down in his fight preparations, like Ruiz, who both by all accounts could come in at career lightest condition on December 7th.

Joshua took time out from his final preparation for the contest yesterday in a video shoot with this young lady.

Something that has gone down very well indeed with boxing fans:

Big respect.

Ruiz vs Joshua 2 takes place December 7th in Saudi Arabia where three of the four major heavyweight titles will be contested.

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