George Foreman Reveals His All-Time Favorite Fighter

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history George Foreman as well as being one of the sport’s greatest fighters is also a keen student of the game.

Never one to shy away from giving his opinion or conversing with fans directly, Foreman still holds a fond place in his heart for both the history of the sport and its modern day combatants.

During Foreman’s era heavyweight boxing was perhaps never so alive as it was then with the likes of him, Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and many others around at that time.

Recently when asked by a fan whom his all-time favorite fighter was he named him as a heavyweight – but not one of his rivals from his particular era:

He also went on to mention this week how much admiration he holds for Wales’ Joe Calzaghe, saying:

Long retired now, Foreman is still considered one of the biggest hitting fighters the sport has ever seen.

A devout man of faith these days and entrepreneurial genius with his world famous grills, Foreman now enjoys a slower pace of life compared to his once knockout fist wielding days.

For a stroll down memory lane to remember just how fearsome Foreman was back in the day — this tribute video sums it up well: